Social Media in Action

So, this morning I attended a breakfast seminar on Embracing Social Media run by Precedent. It was pitched at an awareness level and aimed to open the eyes of the audience to Social Media and what it might be able to do for them.

I enjoyed it. The speakers were relaxed and understood the marketplace. The examples and case studies were new to me and very helpful and I came away with at least one useful contact as well so it was all good.

I even made it into their presentation! Last night I was researching Precedent ahead of the seminar and had a bit of trouble locating them in the Social Media space. Their website has no links to any of their SM activity which on the one hand I understand, I’ve worked for enough agencies where our own website was way down on the priority list, but on the other hand is a bit embarrassing for them given the title and content of the seminar. Anyway, when I did eventually track them down through Twitter Search I was surprised to see that they only had 150 followers. Smartarse (I just Googled smartarse to see if it’s one word or 2, it asked me if I really meant smartass. I consider that to be a smartarsed thing for google to say!)  that I am,  I immediately tweeted my surprise at this:

Hmm. @Precedentcomms who are rrunning the Social Media seminar in the morning have “only”150 followers. #prec_smnr

Now, when I woke up this morning I had this in my stream:

Precedentcomms @barrydewar Good point Barry! Respect your opinion. Our new digital media strategy is just in place. Hope you make the seminar.

Nice. They were listening, they engaged and were honest with their answer.

So, when I get in there are two screens. One for the PowerPoint and one for their twitterstream. And there I am with my photo attached, typo firmly in place, making the only negative comment on the board. I have to say I felt a bit of a plum but tried to ignore it.

I was impressed that they never shied away from it and more so when they actually referenced the incident later while discussing engaging with people. They said one of us had said something that they felt they needed to address so they did. I do think they could have gone further and highlighted exactly what went on but maybe they wanted to protect me from embarrassment.

They also said at the end that they have only just changed their digital comms strategy to embrace SM and were feeling their way themselves to an extent so it all made sense.


  • Make sure you’re using your SM presence to Listen, not just broadcast. And when it’s required, don’t be afraid to engage.
  • Always be honest. Don’t fudge an answer or pretend to be something that you’re not. If you’re just starting out using the SM channels then that’s fine. They do, after all, have more followers than me!
  • Do link things up. I was frustrated not to easily find my way to their SM presence.
  • Practice what you preach. Related to the above, if you’re telling people how to do things, you really ought to have done them yourself.

So, all in all a fulfilling morning, not least because it gave me something new to blog about.

Precedent now have 176 followers so my arse is being kicked, whether it’s smart or not…

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