Why would I want to follow you?

I’ve been pruning the list of people I follow in Twitter. My consumption has changed as the list grows and I no longer have time for the aggregated feeds who spam me. I feel bad though because when I started out I needed those feeds because I never knew where to find the content for myself.

Now, I have my RSS reader chocka with the content from people who’s blogs I’ve unearthed and I can manage it at my own pace. It got me thinking though, what makes me want to follow you and what turns me off?

Social Media turn-offs

  • Don’t choke up my stream.
    Despite the wonders of HootSuite, TweetDeck et al, I still find myself back at the web interface a lot and if I see the same name filling my screen it annoys me because I’m not seeing the chance bits of content from everyone else.
  • Calm down on the motivational quotes.
    OK. The odd one or two I can cope with but if you’re spending all day looking for little u to make your life better then you freak me out a little bit. Sorry!
  • Don’t auto message me.
    I’m looking for humans to interact with. It’s impersonal and rude to let me know how much you’re looking forward to reading my tweets.
  • Don’t spam me
    I didn’t come here for a sales pitch, I won’t click on your links. Leave me alone.

Social Media turn-ons

  • Make me smile
    I’m here to be entertained. Sometimes that’s with eye-opening content which is useful for my work. Usually though, it’s just your observations on life which bring me back for more.
  • Open my eyes.
    Having said that. It’s the links to stuff I haven’t seen or that hadn’t even considered that make me a smarter person. For that I thank you.
  • Hook me up
    Retweets are great. Not only so they quite often link me to some interesting new stuff, they also introduce me to interesting new people. Keep up the good work.

That’s just a brief couple of lists but you get the idea. So, what’s your criteria for who you follow and who you drop?

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