Blog or die

I’ve managed to break one of my own rules and gone more than a week without blogging. I haven’t had the time, or really a good topic to get anything up here. Then I got to thinking about just why it’s important to update your content regularly.

Well, because otherwise your online presence will atrophy and die. The web is littered with the dust blown husks of long abandoned websites. Chief among them being blogs, started on a whim and based on nothing much more than a desire to say one thing. Problem is, once that one thing is said where do you go?

You start trying to find other things, similar things that are as interesting to you and therefore to your audience. When these run out you look for industry events you can talk about. The last stage is finding things in your life that are completely unrelated and trying to make them relevant.

And why?

Because you had no REAL purpose in the first place. A blog is all about purpose. You want people to visit your blog, on purpose, they have to want to come back and ingest some more of your wisdom. To do that you have to define your own purpose in having the thing in the first place. My purpose is to share my knowledge on digital communications. To help people and also to demonstrate how awfully clever I am so that people will keep paying me money to help them out. It also helps with my writing by giving me a constant nudge to get some words down.

What’s your purpose?

If you don’t know then you might as well shut up shop now because you won’t be here the next time I bother to look. You’ll have moved on to the next shiny thing.

If you’re a business your purpose might be to showcase your latest wares but it might just as easily be to showcase your thinking or even to showcase the communities that you work with. It all depends on what you do.

If you’re an individual it’s a bit more clean-cut. It’s got to be about you. Even if you are selling your own services it’s still got your name at the top and that means that the words on the page represent you. Your blog IS you.

Without this insight your presence online is little more than a profile pic and the odd pithy tweet.

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