Breaking News: Not everyone should be tweeting

It’s easy to get an account. This is true.

It’s easy to type something and press send. This is also true.

It’s easy to engage with your peers/audience. This is not true!

I’ve come to the conclusion that good Twitter habits can’t be taught. Yes, you can impose some governance over what people CAN’T do when they use it. You can even give guidance on what they SHOULD do while they are logged in. What you can’t do however, is tell them what exactly what they OUGHT TO do.

To get the most out of Twitter you need to use it a lot. I’m talking numerous tweets every day. Tweets about useful stuff, tweets about topical stuff, tweets about funny stuff, tweets about nonsensical stuff. Tweets, tweets, tweets. It’s the only way because otherwise your occasional, dry by worthy tweet about pingbacks will get lost. The only way to convince someone your content is interesting is for you to be interesting yourself. And that can’t be taught.

It’s like acting, or politics, or sales I guess.

You have to have an aptitude for it. It’s a public facing role and every tweet has to come naturally. If you spend too long composing what you’re going to say then you’ll miss the moment, someone else will have said it before you and you’ll lose. Get in first though and you’ll land some retweets and you’re the winner.

Add to that skillset, you then need to have an open nature, you have to WANT to get involved in other conversations and be happy for people to jump into yours. That’s when you really start to learn stuff and also when people start to trust you. It’s only by winning this trust that you earn the right to give them the studied and dry stuff.

This needs to be taken on board when you are looking at a social media plan for your business.

Don’t just buy in some rules and sign the twitter account over to Dave in accounts just because he’s good with computers. It’s just not going to work. If you’re serious it needs to be a full-time commitment and if you don’t have the resource in-house it’s a worthwhile investment. If you can’t afford it, don’t do it badly. Either don’t do it at all or take some advice from your friendly, neighbourhood digital consultant.

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