Explode your Twitter usage with a Search Rocket!

Searching Twitter is something I spend a lot of time doing. Despite the fact that the interface isn’t all that and that the results could be better, it’s still a quite unbelievable seam of information. If you can harness it’s power then you can really put a rocket under your tweetegy.

You should be doing it too, regardless of why you use Twitter, here’s why it ought to be rockin’ your world:

Casual User

So, you use Twitter to connect with your mates. You’ve got less than 100 followers and tweet sporadically. Why would Twitter Search improve your life?

Well, try firing it up and plugging in the topic of your latest conversation. You’ll see who else is talking about it. Find out who agrees with you and retweet them. It’s a great way to win an argument. Or start one.

Business User

You user Twitter to broadcast company news and events. You listen to what’s being said by the people you follow and you even “engage” sometimes.

Are you really listening though? The power of Twitter is the open-ness of the channel. you can do keyword searches for ANYTHING that you like, said by ANYONE. Try searching for your brand. From there try looking for the problems that your brand can solve. Work out the right keywords and you will find a green field of opportunity, people who really need your imput. You can even refine it by location! Engage in those conversations and you will see your business grow.

Power User

First question. What’s a power user? Well, by my definition, that would be me and other people who consider themselves as clued up enough on the medium to offer advice. How can search benefit us? We’re already using it, right?

Well, yes, we are but do we use it for ourselves? When was the last time you searched Twitter when you had a question? Try it, instead of asking it out loud or Googling it. Just search it. The insights are amazing. You’ll find people who have a different viewpoint, people who are doing interesting things. But most importantly, you’ll be getting the voice of the average user. That’s a voice which we can be a little removed from at times and it helps for us to have our ears to the ground.

*Oh, and this blog title is part experiment, part linkbait and part private joke. @nickcharney, the ball is now in your court.

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