1 tip for turning followers into advocates

Here’s a wee tip to all you big companies or big personalities with a lot of followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook: reach out to your audience.

By that I mean you need to take the time to actually talk to them. I know that I’ve been telling you that you need to listen and engage, and you probably think that means you have to be selective with who you reply to. But you’re wrong. Us mortals like nothing more, when we have taken the time to start absorbing your wisdom, than you actually speaking to us. Seriously. It doesn’t have to be a telling insight, or something that makes our lives easier. It just needs to come from you, to us and we melt a little.

I appreciate that it is time consuming, but it’s so worth it. Those followers will feel that little bit closer to you. They’ll be 10 times more likely*  to retweet your content or visit your site. Just think what that’s worth. With one simple little tweet you’ve created an advocate.

*This is a made up statistic


One thought on “1 tip for turning followers into advocates

  1. I get this. I’ve had my Scotland blog for a year and I am often amazed by how some of my readers go to bat for me. One even wrote to a magazine telling them to look at my blog. They email their mothers about my giveaways and say such nice things to me that I nearly melt in humble gratitude. It’s a weird feeling to know that there are genuine, full-on fans of my blog, but it’s so marvellous as well. But I don’t think it would have happened without consistent interaction on my part.

    Great post!

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