A Bad Dream?

#duncansdream has been a hot topic this week. For those of you who aren’t up to speed, basically Duncan Bannatyne sparked a dirty big meme when he speculated on what might happen if all of his followers were to follow each other. It went nuts. #duncansdream became a trending topic and Twitter was awash with tweeters following each other and beseeching others to do so.

It’s been controversial. Especially when the other dragons got involved and boosted the whole thing for publicity. The social media savvy people (that’s me folks) have been looking down their noses at the whole thing, while the bulk of Twitter users simply got on-board.

It’s all grist to the mill

I’ve actually found it refreshing. It’s always good when something happens that reminds me of the fact that most Tweeps are just regular people and not robotic marketeers. And it’s great to get a flavour of what actually floats their boat.

So, if you’re a regular joe, growing your follower list is of primary importance. That’s good to know. I can use that, weave it into the business of trying to make brand advocates out of these people.

If you’re a business online (that’s my audience, I hope) though, the rules still stand. Don’t make growing your follower list a primary goal. Concentrate on generating good content and listening out for those conversational jumping in points. Sure, you can try a few growth strategies as well but it’s secondary and you shouldn’t lose focus.

Followers are easy to come by

For what it’s worth. There is only really one strategy for growing your follower list which is of any real business use. Follow interesting people. If you have the time try exploring people mentioned by others that you are following. Or even try some Twitter searches to find people with similar interests. Have a look at their stream and if you think that what they are saying is of use to you, follow them. You’ll probably get a 10-20% follow back rate that way and you both win because you are following with genuine intent to engage.


3 thoughts on “A Bad Dream?

  1. It certainly went against the grain for me! If people want to grow their followers they should be doing it by sharing nice content and being engaging. Like you say Joe on the street no doubt gets off on having a large list of followers but he prob talks about how hungover/tired/much he hates his job all day on Twitter and never gains anything from being there.

  2. Recruitment firms, hangover cures, caffeine drinks. If I was representing any of these types of client I’d be looking out for people who are hungover, tired job-haters. Not to spam them, just to gain some insight and maybe use that insight to improve customer relations.

  3. It certainly went against the advice I give my clients. But as you say, interesting to see that it has floated so many people’s dinghies. If it’s so important for these people to get their follower numbers up (which surely has to be an exercise in vanity) then there are plenty of sites where you can buy 1000’s of followers – if you were so inclined – but God knows why you’d want to! @allanbarr

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