The context of social media

Social media is a strange beast. You can spend as long as you like building up your profile across all the networks, making contacts, reaching out and spreading your wings. But you can’t escape the lack of context.

The nature of social networks is fleeting. You post something on Facebook, or Twitter maybe and for a short time it’s relevant, new and it gets noticed. Then, it’s gone. As it starts to slip down the list it no longer generates any activity, it’s dead.

What this means that the only context people have for what you have posted is absolutely in the present. Setting aside those who have known you for some time, the majority of your network will judge your output based on itself. There’s no time to go and look you up, get a feel for what you’re about, because before they’ve had a chance, your post is old news.

Context is a massive problem

People just won’t understand nuances in what you’re trying to say. Irony can be lost and that cheeky persona might just as well be perceived as arrogant or rude.

So my advice is to concentrate on consistency. Make sure that everything you put out there reflects how you want to be labelled. Craft every post, every tweet, every blog so that it captures this. The minute that you deviate because you want to make a point is the minute that you start to lose your audience.

By all means, be cheeky. Just make sure you’re ALWAYS cheeky. Mind you, that might get a bit annoying…


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