[tweetmeme source=”barrydewar” alias=”″ only_single=false]A different approach to #followfriday this week. Instead of filling up my stream with all the people who have got my attention this week. Here you can have them all in one place with handy links to their excellent content.

@JustinKownacki for taking the time out to answer my questions and not holding back. Also for consistently producing food for thought.

@danfrydman for trying to push things forward and make things happen. We need more people like that.

@craigmcgill for a week’s worth of in-your-face blogging which is well worth the read. No frills, just the world as he sees it.

@kevoneil for his enthusiasm which comes across online just as much as it does off. Also for pulling an all-nighter in the name of social media.

@allanbarr for always being in the thick of it when “stuff” happens on Twitter. Always open and making connections.

@mike_mcgrail and @MacFack for great passion and ideas which will be piped into your ears very soon.


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