Things not to lose sight of

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  • None of my clients have iPhones
  • Only half of my clients know what “social media” actually is
  • If you ever say Twittersphere out loud people will laugh at you
  • You can’t explain social bookmarking, they just won’t get it
  • (I don’t get social bookmarking)
  • No-one reads this
  • “Things not to lose sight of” is a crap title

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9 thoughts on “Things not to lose sight of

  1. We’ll be a client someday and three of us have iPhones.
    We are in the know with social media
    I’d smirk when you said Twittersphere, but not laugh
    I think I get social bookmarking (rather than bookmariking)
    I read this
    The title is okay, the content could be fleshed out more.

  2. Nice one Barry,

    Best estimates are that around 41,000 people in Scotland use Twitter. A large number of people in business are nowhere near embracing it.

    Getting a major piece of coverage in any of the daiily newspapers still makes a significantly bigger impact to a client than just about anything achievable in social media.

    ‘Leverage’ and ‘traction’ are words that should only be used on a major constructon site. Yet are much beloved on the social sphere.

    If none of your clients have iPhones, how many of them are likely to be hankering after iPads?

    Enjoy the term ‘social media’ while you can. Last year it was’ Web 2.0′. Next year it will just be ‘media’.

    E-mail is by a country mile the globe’s dominant communication method and has been for 20 years. Despite that, I have never met anyone claiming to be an ’email guru’.
    Nor have I ever met any ‘telephone gurus’ or ‘postal gurus’. I think I might have met one or two ‘newspaper gurus’.
    However, I’m scared to leave the house for fear of tripping over ‘social media gurus’.

  3. Thanks for the comment Scott. There are a handful of us who are fighting for a professional image of social media consultancy but it should only ever be applied if it’s suitable for the audience you’re trying to reach.

    There are times when a story just isn’t suitable for the daily newspapers though, and that’s when social media can play an important part. It’s not just Twitter but just employing a bit of communications savvy to the medium can create a buzz which the dailies might eventually notice.

    For what it’s worth, I think the term social media is here to stay, it’s a handy catch-all for what is a paradigm shift in online comms.

  4. Scott’s right about the small amount of people on Twitter but social media isn’t about reach it’s about engagement and conversation.

    Much as I enjoy a good read of the paper on a Saturday I can’t join the discussion directly with Matthew Paris, Giles Coren or Robert Crampton.

    Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to do some of that, but still on the terms of the content producer.

    It is ‘media’, sometimes not social, sometimes just broadcast. It’s up to social media types like Barry and all the advocates out there (myself included) to educate our clients towards engagement and away from broadcast only.

    Social Media Magnate perhaps?

  5. To me the phrase ‘social media’ sums up an attitude more than any one thing – it’s an attitude by people/corporations to engage quickly and change themselves for the better – Twitter, et al are just tools for that.

    And there’s plenty of email gurus out there.

    And I still say Social Media Bravehearts for Scottish gurus/ninjas!

  6. Things not to lose sight of:

    Most of my clients do have iPhones
    The web still works on iPhones (despite Apple’s best efforts)
    Talking still works
    Email still works
    The phone still works
    Post still works (well actually may be not)
    Tolerance of any form of univited interaction is dropping
    Creativity transends the medium
    News is still news
    The need for speed
    Social media often lasts longer than a day (not many read this post yesterday but after a few yrs the numbers could be interesting)
    Facebook may be used more than google but Google still delivers significantly more sales
    Facebook is getting better at delivering sales
    Facebook/Social Media influences search engine results and can deliver coverage in national newspapers
    Relationships matter more than ever but the nature of those relationships is altering
    There may only be 41000 Tweeters in Scotland but among them are some of Scotlands biggest influencers (think relationships)
    Apparently some business occurs outside Scotland
    Of all the reasons for entering social media, marketing is probably the worst. 
    Nobody can agree what social media is but a good number understand

    That should just about do it for one walk home

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