[tweetmeme source=”barrydewar” alias=”” only_single=false style=”compact”]When I started this blog, it was never my intention to speak purely about social media, all the time. I thought I could banter about the interweb in general, pontificating on good ideas and bad ones. Talking about strategy as well as practice. Trying to be useful.

Didn’t turn out that way though. As the months have rolled by I find that everything I put on here has to have a social media angle. Sometimes I struggle to find a reason to post and it can all get a bit forced.

It’s not a good thing. I see it from other active social media types and it bugs me. No-one wants to read about social media all the time. Yes, it’s interesting, it’s new and in some cases it’s how we make our living. But it’s just one facet of what makes you a properly rounded person.

Effective branding

I advise clients to think about their brand. When they give me a 2d idea of what they think it is I poo poo it and tell them they need at least 4 dimensions in order to humanise it. Social media is about engagement and no-one wants to engage with a drone.

So expect more musings and less #socialmedia from now on. Don’t worry, I won’t stop (can’t stop) telling you how I think you should be doing it. I’ll just try and make it a bit clearer where that stops and where I begin.

*image credit Lorenzo González


4 thoughts on “Humanise

  1. In my early days of blogging I promised myself that I would only post if I had something interesting to say ( in my humble opinion of course!) and it stood me in good stead. And meandering musings can paint a more rounded picture of the person behind the brand.. which is also very valuable.
    go for it…can’t wait to see what comes up!

  2. Hey Barry!

    Great advice and you know what – most of the people who WERE new to social media and drank the cool aid from the gurus who said you MUST have a clear focus for your BLOG etc…well those same people have now grown up and started to think for themselves and discovered that they DON’T want someone pontificating about the same old thing all the time…

    So good on ya! Listen to Barry folks, change up your blog from time to time. I mean, my blog is about marketing and social media too – but from time to time I write about things like /’the government’.

    Thanks for the RT of my most recent blog post too Barry! Cheers mate!

    – Don

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