Specialise and prosper

[tweetmeme source=”barrydewar” alias=”http://ow.ly/2dPMM” only_single=false style=”compact”]When I was 15 I won a medal. It was for playing rugby, we won the Scottish championship, it was very exciting.

The very next day I was playing in a football tournament. I’d been coerced into it, I hated football and was rubbish at it. I had been dreading it but when I woke up that morning and saw my medal, proudly adorning my bedside table, I felt empowered. I could do this, I’d be great. We’d be great!

I was rubbish.

What does that tell me? Well, it tells me that life isn’t like in the movies. Don’t expect it to be and you won’t end up disappointed.

It also shows me that you can’t be good at everything. Don’t expect to be. Specialise and prosper. Generalise and you won’t know what way is up, one day good, next day bad.

Also, don’t let people down by leading them to believe that you can deliver when you know that you probably can’t.

Always check credentials.

(I don’t hate football any more, but I am still rubbish at it)

*Image credit Bartek Ambrozik


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