Managing your brand online

[tweetmeme source=”barrydewar” alias=”” only_single=false style=”compact”]I speak to people a lot about branding at the moment. I’m fast realising that it’s a more effective way to explain social media than asking them to change the way they communicate with customers (potential or otherwise).

The internet, as it matures, is getting very cluttered. If you’ve been in business for any amount of time you will almost certainly have left quite a trail behind you which in most cases you won’t even be aware of.

When I started to look at the results for my own name I was shocked to see all the listings from the plethora of accounts I set up with various services over the years. That alongside comments I’d made elsewhere was giving a pretty muddy picture of who I am. Was I Barry Dewar the social media dude with a disliking of #followfriday? Or was I bavdav, the guy who led a mutiny on the official Championship Manager message board over 10 years ago? Maybe I was the Barry Dewar who blogged about screenwriting for a few years.

Truth is that I was all of those things over the years, and more. I’d never given any though to how that goes together until recently. It took me a while to get a handle on the clutter and present myself the way I want to be perceived on the internet.

And that’s what online branding is all about

It’s about making sure that you are in control of all the touch points between you and your audience. Everywhere that your name or that of your products and services appears, you have to make sure that it’s on your terms. That way you can ensure that it’s always on brand.

And remember, branding is not simply your logo and colour scheme. It’s EVERYTHING about your organisation. It’s the impression that is left on people after any type of interaction with it. Every shred of copy, every image, every tag, every phone call, the smell of your office, your recycling policy. Absolutely nothing you do is exempt from being part of your company and what makes it unique. That’s your brand.

So take some time. Look yourselves up, see what you find. If it’s off-message sort it out. Get branded!


4 thoughts on “Managing your brand online

  1. I think a thing with online branding in this new sparkly social media world is that you *cannot* be in control of all the touch points between you and your audience. You can try and be in there, in the conversations, but you can’t be in control, and you certainly can’t make sure it’s on your terms.

  2. Thanks Jon, it’s a good point, the prospect is daunting but I’m not sure I agree. If it’s a touch point between *you* and your audience then you certainly can be in control of it. What you can’t do is manage the dissemination of your brand as other individuals discuss it.

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