Swimming upstream

[tweetmeme source=”barrydewar” alias=”http://ow.ly/2loKM” only_single=false style=”compact”]From time to time events take over the social media space.

Last month it was the World Cup. This month, if you live in Edinburgh it’s the Festivals.

Status updates become saturated with opinion based content and multiple hashtags compete for attention. It presents a few problems for companies trying to maintain their visibility during these periods.

On the one hand, you might try to craft some content of your own based around what’s happening. Maybe blog about a match or a comedian you’ve just been to see. If you take care to try to relate it somehow to what your company is about, all the better. Problem is, you won’t drive that much traffic as your updates get lost in the fast flowing stream.

On the other hand you can pretend it’s not happening and carry on regardless. Traffic will drop but that’s par for the course right?


Seriously. It’s OK. Things will return to normal afterwards,. Don’t waste too much time and effort on fighting against it. Unless you have something to say or do which is a perfect fit with the event then just let it lie. Take a load off. have a beer.


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