Tweeting 9-5

[tweetmeme source=”barrydewar” alias=”” only_single=false style=”compact”]If you’re a company with a visible presence in the world of social media, you need to be careful to manage people’s expectations.

I’ve spoken in the past about how you converse, the language you use and the etiquette surrounding social media engagement. What I’ve never really covered is WHEN you do it.

This is important, particularly if there is only 1 member of staff providing your voice online. You need to establish some parameters within which people can expect to engage with you.

Be honest with yourself, you might feel like you’re “on” all the time but really you’re not. Apart from the fact that you sleep all night, there are also the times when you are in the pub, on holiday, or just enjoying some leisure time. Really, the only time when you can be sure that you’re available is during your working hours (whatever they may be).

This is not a bad thing. People will be willing to wait until 9.00am tomorrow for their responses but only if you’ve been clear that this is the deal. Make sure that you flag on all your social media outposts what your hours of online business are

It may not sound like the epitome of the brave new social world but it’ll keep your followers happy and that is the name of the game.


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