More stuff NOT to do on Twitter

A few months ago I blogged about What NOT to do on Twitter. It listed a handful of things that annoy me when using the service. It was good to get them off my chest, but still I’m not satisfied.

So, in great grumpy Monday tradition, here are some more gripes about using Twitter in a fashion likely to wind your followers up:

“Good morning”

Don’t get me wrong. I am pleased if you are in a sufficiently good mood to wish a good morning to the entire twitterverse. The problem is that it’s not just you. It’s you and hundreds of others. When I open Twitter in the morning I have to wade through a host of pointless tweets about said time of day. I ignore them, so does everyone else. So stop doing it. Please. Seriously. Just stop.

Retweeting mentions

So, someone has said something nice about you or your business. That’s great, it’s out there for their followers to see. You’re doing it right. Just leave it there. When you hit that RT button to tell all your own followers about it you are stripping away all the authenticity. I want to hear it independently from someone I trust, not from you, you big show-off. (OK, you can do it verrrry occasionally, if you get a cracking mention, otherwise I’m not listening LALALALA!)

The weather

I can look that up, thanks.

Me, me, me

OK, so we’re all guilty of this at some point but I’m tired of following people who talk about nothing but themselves. I want you to talk about what other people are doing too. Contextualize what you do and say with some relevant information from other people. Give me links to go and read good stuff. In fact, I want to see you tell me more about other people than you do about yourself. Then I’m going to pay you more attention because you are enriching my stream.

That’s it for now. Come back in 3 months for the next exciting installment.


2 thoughts on “More stuff NOT to do on Twitter

  1. Enjoyed this piece and now just need to track down your earlier blog so I don’t make any more gaffs! As a relative newbie I do think it takes a little time to find your own voice and style and there will be some inevitable breaches of netiquette along the way. Blogs like this though help speed up the learning process. Thanks.

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