Social media is not free

The task of keeping on top of your social media involvement must not be underestimated.

Too often I see organisations launching into things and banging out blog posts and status updates only to fall at hurdle no. 2 which is engagement. The reason they give is that there is not enough time to respond to their friends and followers, so they carry on broadcasting their interesting titbits and never unlocking the power that web 2.0 really provides.

It appears to be free, but it’s not. Every minute someone spends on your company Twitter account is a minute they are not doing something else. Put a value on this time and work out how much it’s really going to cost you. Then either resource it properly, or scale back your goals accordingly.

Also, when you’ve decided to “do” social media, don’t give the task of keeping it moving to untrained staff. Computer skills are NOT transferable to social media, it’s 100% a communications channel and should be looked after by qualified or experienced employees.

If you don’t have these skills in-house then you’ve either got a lot of learning to do (this is fine, just takes a lot of work) or you need to look externally for some training, advice or support.

Genuinely connected and engaged companies utilising social media are still few and far between. Getting your planning right early doors will allow you to join their ranks and, for now, you will be able to stand out simply because you are doing things properly.


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