Be honest or bugger off

Authenticity is vital when it comes to your social media engagement. If I am interested in you then I want to believe that what you are saying is really what you think, not what you want me to hear.

Too many businesses now are applying offline marketing spin to their online accounts. They push content based not on whether they actually value it, but on whether they see a benefit to themselves to do so. I don’t want to be RickRolled into reading a blog post by some company that you work with when that blog post is badly written and/or uninformed.

I follow people whose opinions I value, this helps me sort the wheat from the chaff.  That’s the real value in social media, its integrity.

You can usually tell the people who are being honest because they quite often don’t agree with everyone else! You don’t have to agree with them either, at least you know they are being authentic.

So if you’re a business embarking on the good ship social media, please leave your old-media baggage dockside.

image credit: Kriss Szkurlatowski


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