Be the tortoise, not the hare

It’s easy to put a lot of energy into your social media presence. There’s nothing to stop you from running around tweeting, blogging or podding but are you focussing that energy in the right place?

It’s imperative that you focus all your creative energy at the point of contact. By that I mean any piece of content that you create for public consumption. It’s all in the delivery.

You may be brimming with ideas and buzzing with those things that you just have to get out to the masses but if you don’t nail it when you actually turn  them into content, you’ve wasted it. Focus all of your attention when you are crafting that tweet or finessing that post.

The tortoise wins!

Some people make it seem effortless because they understand this simple concept. They may not have as many ideas as you, they may not be as smart or as witty, but by applying the correct rigor to their output they are outperforming you with ease.

Try posting a bit less. Next time you have something to say, don’t say it straight away. Take a pause, think about how to frame it. Think about how it’ll be received by your audience. Then write it, read it back, edit and then send. It’ll save you a lot of wasted effort.

Image credit: Wally Gobetz


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