Secrets of effective blogging

I’m learning that there’s a difference between a discursive post and a useful post.

The former is one where I take a subject and talk about it, an opinion piece if you like. The latter is one where I actually give away some useful advice, tips or tools.

Discursive posts garner lots of comments and very high numbers of visitors. Useful posts, on the other hand, get lots of retweets and generate a bit of buzz but are rarely commented on.


For example, Social media millstone is a post which I wrote largely to generate discussion around the term “social media.” It wasn’t entirely serious and there was nothing in there to learn. It bagged 25 comments and is my 2nd busiest post in terms of visits.


On the other hand, My social media toolkit is crammed full of links to all the tools I find most useful in my line of work. It got 23 retweets and easily the same number of mentions on Twitter. It’s only had half the traffic though.

Google Friendly

In between these 2 types are the Google friendly posts. A rare beast which I tend to occasionally throw up from time to time. How to write a social media proposal is an example of this. It’s by far and away my most visited update and it’s all down to people searching for social media proposals. It’s not really my best work but it does tend to generate traffic to other posts on the blog which is of greater benefit.

Choose Your Weapons Wisely

The type of blogger you are will depend on what type of engagement you are looking for from your audience. If you are selling something then you want “useful” posts as these are better endorsed (by way of retweets). But if you are trying to establish your brand as a thought leader then “discursive” posts allow for greater engagement with your peers which can increase your kudos and earn trust.

So what type of blogger are you?


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