My awesome network

I would be nowhere without the network which I have developed through my use of social media. I have learned more in the last year than I did in the previous ten. No matter what challenges I face when trying to deliver digital strategy, I know that somewhere out there I have a friend who can help me deal with it.

That’s the real power of this new fangled stuff. You become part of a giant hive mind which is infinitely cleverer than you could ever be on your own. Getting on board with social media isn’t just a canny business move, it’s an evolutionary shift. If you don’t embrace it now then you’ll never leave the primordial swamp of wrong-headed “old thinking.” Those of us that do will grow legs. And one day they might turn into wings.

So, like some kind of a Gwyneth Paltrow acceptance speech, I’d like to thank the people who continue to make it all possible:

@danfrydman for being the ultimate connector

@craigmcgill for starting fights

@tartancat for breaking them up

@idle_bull for always sharing

@MacFack for asking the right questions

@timbarlow for pushing the envelope

@mike_mcgrail for always being on the pulse

@maniacyak for having answers to questions you haven’t got to yet

@2ourism for helping, always helping

@allanbarr for keeping me honest

@colingilchrist for blogging excellence

@scottgdouglas for a podcast that’s always relevant

There are many, many more. These are the ones who make my business better but there are countless more of you who are invaluable in a hundred different ways. You know who you are. My heartfelt thanks to you all.

So who’s in your awesome network?


5 thoughts on “My awesome network

  1. You can’t exist in Edinburgh’s Digital world without @mikecoulter in the mix! @AndrewGirdwood also keeps the grey matter turning, @darcie for being a great connector, @jonmountjoy for his encyclopaedic knowledge of apps, @gordonwhite for the new Media Breakfast springboard and ridiculous generosity. @winningents for the RTs and so much more.

    Thanks for including me in the list. Naturally you’d be in mine. Everybody on your list is also in mine. Particularly enjoyed the @craigmcgill/@tartancat dynamic!

    Of course there are many more outside Edinburgh/Scotland

  2. “The awesome network” – feels like I’m part of an 80’s LA Skateboard Crew!

    Seriously, thanks for the shout. I like to help good people with their honest endeavours. So if I’ve been able to help you, (even in a small way), I’m glad!

    Keep up the good work, Barry.


  3. Thanks again for the mention Barry – this is a bit off the cuff but a few of my favourites (in addition to yourself obviously and a few of the others listed… noteably Mike, Dan, Tim & Allan) they’d also have to include:
    Mike Coulter @mikecoulter
    The Professor @jonmountjoy
    Ewan McIntosh @ewanmcintosh
    Hugh Macleod @gapingvoid (as an old school friend I kind of have to 🙂
    And some more obvious ones:
    Chris Brogan @chrisbrogan
    Guy Kawasaki @guykawasaki
    Loic Le Meur @loic
    Robert Scoble @scobelizer
    Michael Arrington… Pete Cashmore… Seth Godin
    … I’ll stop there

  4. Thanks Barry,
    That’s some lofty company you’ve got me in with.
    Also, a timely reminder… we’ve still got that podcast date to sort out!
    Speak soon,

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