How did that happen?

Yesterday’s post about my awesome network proved to be very popular and threw up some interesting figures.

It comes 2nd only to Sexy Social Media for visits on its first day but what was really interesting is that it achieved that after only being retweeted by 5 people. Usually a post needs a large amount of retweets to really catch fire, but not this one it seems.

So that means it achieved the results based on my own tweetings. Were people wondering whether they were on the list? Was it voyeurism? Did my linking of a bunch of influential people in my tweets make it impossible not to click and see what it was all about?

I’ve got more questions than answers about this one.

The other thing about the post was that it only contained people who make my BUSINESS more awesome. As I mentioned, it didn’t include people who make my EXPERIENCE of social media better. I kind of feel bad about that. Everyone deserves a bit of love, so look out for a monster #followfriday blog post this week. Not done one of them in a while.


One thought on “How did that happen?

  1. Hi Barry,

    I read the post. Not only was I intrigued to see if I made it but I wanted to know who had made it.*

    Your blogs are interesting and informative but I enjoy them even more when they include people I know from Twitter or elsewhere. I have my own views on them and I’m interested to know others’ opinions and experiences. It just ties everything together and I feel part of the process.

    *Don’t worry, I didn’t expect to make it, I’m not offended. Even though I am awesome.

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