Just splashing about

My son (who’s 4) went along to his first swimming class yesterday.

He’s been to the swimming pool with my wife and I since he was a few weeks old and, as far as I knew, he couldn’t swim. He enjoyed being in the water, splashing and playing, but he couldn’t actually travel from A-B without assistance.

Then yesterday I come home to find him excitedly waving a badge at me. Turns out he’d swum a length! On his own!

See, I thought I had him pegged. But I didn’t. He was way better than I ever knew and all he needed was a bit of encouragement.

You’re way older than 4, are you just splashing about?

Image credit: Timothy Smith


One thought on “Just splashing about

  1. I never went past splashing. I developed a strange fear of the water which I still have today. I think it’s because I could never get far so I’d just be in the middle of the deep end scared out of my life.

    For a parent, a kid really really REALLY going for swimming can mean very early trips to swimming lessons and the lingering smell of chlorine BUT it is really worth it if you see your kid getting better week to week.

    A lovely post 🙂

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