Basic proposal template

I moved client side about 8 months ago. One of the things to most surprised me is how I miss writing proposals.


I even dug out my old proposal template to make myself feel better.

Then I thought, maybe people might find it useful . Maybe you have been asked to write a proposal. Maybe you write proposals all the time and you’re nosy to see what I put in mine. Maybe you are just wondering what a proposal is.

For whatever reason. Here you go. My proposal template:

An outline of the overall aims for the project and a description of what the end product will be and how it will function.

We will deliver:

  • Summary of Key Deliverables
  • Broken down into Bullet Points
  • e.g. a redeveloped website in line with new brand guidelines
  • e.g. A user friendly CMS
  • e.g. Social media sharing tools
  • e.g. Effective Search Engine performance and improved traffic

Introduction to Mystery Co.

Project Description

Project Plan
Roles and responsibilities

Project Details
Front end
Additional Requirements
Site Marketing
Social Media


Development Tools




Appendix A – Hosting
Appendix B – Risks and Constraints
Appendix C –  Credentials


2 thoughts on “Basic proposal template

  1. Hey Barry – that’s useful to have. Means we’re not far off the Dewar Ideal. Would be good to see an example of what you think should be in Appendix B: Risks and Constraints. That’s a good thing to have for website development to allow for realistic assumptions of what sites can and can’t do and what the client can expect before they read it all in the Ts & Cs of a support contract.

    You can write proposals for us in the evenings if you like…

  2. Thanks Dan, it’s not an ideal, just a template I built up over the years.

    In Risks and Constraints I normally stick to the easily illustrated things that cause the most pain: Timely content delivery, Scope creep, Published dates, Resource levels, Graphics, Copyright, Legals…

    One of the upsides of having a proper job is that I have my evenings back! I’d love to write some (more) for you, but I’m busy watching telly and that innit!

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